12 Holiday Safety Tips for 12 Days of Christmas

12 Holiday Safety Tips for 12 Days of Christmas

  1. 12 Holiday Safety Tips for 12 Days of Christmas

    12 Holiday Safety Tips for 12 Days of Christmas

    Picking out a Christmas tree – Look for a tree that is not already drying out. Signs that a tree may be excessively dried out can include loose needles, browning needles on trees and lots of needles falling off of trees.

  2. Putting up your Christmas tree – Put your tree somewhere that is outside of main paths of traffic in your home. Also, avoid putting up Christmas trees around doorways and arounds any sources of heat (like fireplaces, furnaces, etc.) because heat will cause trees to dry out faster, increasing the risk of a fire.
  3. Decorating your tree – Check all light strands before placing them on a Christmas tree, and avoid putting any stands with fraying or exposed wiring on trees. Also, do not decorate Christmas trees with highly flammable items.
  4. Hanging Christmas lights – For hanging Christmas lights outdoors, be sure to check the weather first, and be prepared to practice ladder safety. Try to get someone else to help you if your outdoor decorating plans are extensive. If you have balancing problems, consider hiring someone to hang your outside lights.
  5. Maintaining your tree – Water your Christmas tree at least every few days to prevent it from drying out too much.
  6. More light safety – Unplug your Christmas lights on your tree every night and whenever you leave home for extended period of time.
  7. Other decorating safety – Avoid decorating with candles or other potentially hazardous items, especially if you have small children and/or bigger pets at home.
  8. Buying gifts for kids – Select gifts that are age appropriate, consulting manufacturers’ guidelines if you are unsure about what would be safe for children of certain ages.
  9. Opening gifts – For children’s gifts, make sure to inspect every toy before children play with these items. For toys that require batteries, charging or other assembly first, have an adult take care of these steps before kids are allowed to play with these items.
  10. Cleaning up Christmas morning – Don’t burn wrapping paper in fireplaces. This paper is highly combustible and can cause flames to shoot out of fireplaces, increasing the risk that a home fire will break out.
  11. Getting rid of your Christmas tree – Also, don’t try to burn your Christmas tree in doors. About 40 percent of Christmas tree fires in the U.S. occur in January, when trees are really dried out and when people may not be as careful about disposing of trees as they should be.
  12. Taking down other holiday décor – Follow the same safety tips for taking down decorations as putting them up. Consider hiring pros to help you if you can afford it.

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