5 Ways Winter Can Degrade Your Vehicle’s Performance

5 Ways Winter Can Degrade Your Vehicle’s Performance

How Cold Weather Can Impact Vehicles

How Cold Weather Can Impact Vehicles

While Arizona winters are milder than the winter weather that typically hits the northern states in the nation, dropping temperatures can impact how vehicles handle and perform. And understanding just what these impacts are can be pivotal to safe winter driving – especially if your holiday travels will be taking you to snowy regions of the U.S.

Impacts of Cold Weather on Vehicles

In general, as temperatures outside plummet:

  1. Tire pressure drops – The pressure will drop about 1 psi for every 10̊ (F) the temperature drops for standard tires. And deflated tires on icy roads can mean less traction and/or far more difficulty handling the vehicle. They can also increase the risk of blowouts.Safety tip – Get your tires replaced if it’s been a while since you’ve done this. Check your tire pressure regularly (e.g., weekly) if you drive a lot and the temperatures start falling fast.
  2. Vital vehicle fluids thicken – In other words, the cold will make the fluids in your vehicle more viscous, which typically means it takes longer for them to flow to and through the systems that need them.Safety tip – Change your oil, and replenish your vehicle’s fluids as needed. Consider replace the oil with cold weather-formulated oil if you will be driving in freezing areas.
  3. Fuel lines can freeze – And, of course, this can mean that your vehicle won’t start when you need it to.Safety tip – Try to keep your gas tank at least half-way full through the cold of winter.
  4. Wipers can crack and break – This is especially true after freezing rain, snow, etc. and/or when wipers may be older than two years old.Safety tip – Replace your wiper blades now if you haven’t done this in a year or two. If your travels will take you through icy or snowy areas, be sure to keep an ice scraper in your vehicle also.
  5. Locks can freeze over – And this can mean that you cannot get into your vehicle and/or your trunk.

Safety tip – Lubricate your vehicle’s locks to minimize the chances of a freeze over.

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