$502 Million Settlement Awarded in Defective Hip Implant Lawsuit

$502 Million Settlement Awarded in Defective Hip Implant Lawsuit

A Dallas jury recently awarded more than $500 million to five plaintiffs who reportedly suffered serious complications as a result of using Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants.

According to court documents, this award includes:

  • $142 million in compensatory damages, which are intended to cover the costs of revision surgeries and ongoing treatments for the injured plaintiffs
  • $360 million in punitive damages, which are intended to specifically penalize J&J for its role in producing/distributing these risky – if not defective – medical devices.

A Closer Look at the Cases & Allegations 

  • $502 Million Settlement Awarded in Defective Hip Implant Lawsuit

    $502 Million Settlement Awarded in Defective Hip Implant Lawsuit

    The five cases were tried in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

  • Plaintiffs alleged that the hip implants were inherently defective and that J&J failed to warn the public about the serious risks associated with these him implants.
  • Some plaintiffs claimed to have developed metallosis – a condition where metal particles enter the blood stream and cause severe injury – as a result of friction between the metal-on-metal components of the hip implants.
  • At trial, the plaintiffs produced evidence that physicians had lied about the outcomes of clinical trials and had forged documents to alter patients’ feedback on these products.

“We are pleased with this victory for victims of these dangerous devices…The testimony gives the public the opportunity to hear how major medical products can be approved for use based upon false data and testing.  If true, it shows how J&J prioritizes profit over people.  We hope this outcome will help bring the remainder of the hip implant lawsuits to settlement quickly.” – A representative for the plaintiffs stated in relation to the jury’s verdict1

This sizable verdict may pave the way for J&J to develop a more comprehensive settlement offer, as J&J is still reportedly facing about 8,000 lawsuits that are pending in federal court.

Financial Recoveries for Hip Implant Injuries

Tragically, J&J’s Pinnacle division is not the only medical device maker to come under fire for its allegedly defective metal-on-metal hip implant devices. DePuy Orthopaedics and the Stryker Corporation have also been named as defendants in thousands of lawsuits still making their way through federal courts.

While it remains to be seen whether these cases will be settled prior to trial, for the victims who have had the courage to pursue justice and compensation, financial recoveries in these cases can include (but may not be limited to) damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

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1“Defective Hip Lawsuit Funding Firm, Fair Rate Funding, Reports $502 million Verdict in Pinnacle Hip Implant Trial” published by PR Newswire, March 2016.

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