Phoenix Delayed Payment Lawyer

Take Legal Steps to Recover Your Money


Every time that an insurance company delays paying a claim, it makes money. It is in the company’s interest to wait as long as possible before paying a claim. Quite often, delay in payment is evidence that the insurance company is taking action behind the scenes to deny your claim.


If you suspect that your insurance company is unreasonably delaying payment on your insurance claim, contact my office. I am attorney Richard Langerman, and I have helped clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas fight against delayed payments, denied claims and insurance bad faith for more than 25 years.


25 Years of Insurance Litigation

Insurance companies have an interest in delaying payment on claims. They may employ strategies to delay payment, require endless paperwork or demand that you give a statement under oath. Meanwhile, you and your family may be suffering a financial crisis.


My office has helped clients suffering unreasonable delays on insurance claims for:

  • Homeowner’s insurance coverage
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Individual disability insurance
  • Commercial general liability


Once an insurance company moves a claim into investigation for suspicion of fraud, the process can become a nightmare. I will help you negotiate with your insurance company. If necessary, I will litigate on your behalf. I have the knowledge, experience and proven reputation as an insurance bad faith lawyer that has collected substantial recoveries for my clients.


You Can Afford Quality Representation

Most insurance cases at my firm are handled on a contingency basis. Contingency fees allow people who are suffering financial turmoil as a result of delayed insurance claims reliable access to experienced representation. Under a contingent fee contract, you only pay attorney’s fees if I recover compensation for you.


Contact my office in Phoenix, Arizona, today online or by phone at 602-240-5525 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.