Phoenix Fire Loss Homeowners Claims Lawyer

Helping Arizona Clients Recover on Fire Loss Claims

Insurance companies often search for reasons to deny or minimize payments for fire loss claims through homeowner’s insurance. Adjusters sometimes try to turn inconsistencies into claims of fraud. Once your case has escalated into a fraud investigation, it may seem impossible to deal with your insurer.


Fighting Injustice in the Insurance Industry

When an insurance company denies the benefits of your policy, or even accuses you of arson, you need an experienced lawyer to pursue compensation so you can recover and rebuild your life.


My name is Richard Langerman. As an attorney representing clients in bad faith claims against insurance companies for more than 25 years, I have seen numerous ways that insurers try to minimize their claims payouts.


If you suspect that delays in payment of benefits are leading to a denial of your claim, you need to speak with a lawyer.


My office helps businesses and individuals negotiate with and litigate against insurance companies when they have been denied full benefits for legitimate claims. I will make an in depth investigation of your case. If I find that your insurer is engaging in bad faith, I will explore recovery of other damages, in addition to your original claim under the insurance policy.


Put Experience on Your Side

I have given a number of lectures to other lawyers on the topic of insurance bad faith. Additionally, I appeared as amicus curiae (known as friend of the court) before the Arizona Supreme Court in 2000 in a bad faith insurance matter. This case, Zilisch v. State Farm Mutual, helped to clarify the duties of insurance companies. I also chaired the committee that wrote the jury instructions used in all bad faith trials in Arizona. If you believe that your insurer is not acting in good faith, I have the experience you need to get answers.

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