Phoenix AZ Homeowners Insurance Lawyer

Don’t Let Insurers Deny Your Valid Homeowner’s Claims

It is a nightmare scenario: your home is damaged or valuables are stolen from your home. You file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company, but your claim is denied.


I am Richard Langerman. I have over 25 years of experience serving clients in the greater Phoenix metro area in matters involving personal injury and insurance bad faith. I have a proven record of recovering significant compensation for many clients who have been denied payment of legitimate insurance claims. My office can help you get the money that you are owed on your homeowner’s insurance claim as well as any additional damages to which you are entitled under the law.


Recovering the Resources to Rebuild

Proving insurance bad faith can require complex and detailed effort on the part of your lawyer. The lawyer you hire to handle your case can dramatically affect the process and the result.


My office represents homeowners insurance policyholders whose claims have been unjustly denied or even accused of fraud in claims of:

  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Plumbing leak
  • Rain damage
  • Wind damage


Insurance companies sometimes try to minimize the amounts they pay in claims. The result can be that people filing legitimate claims are denied coverage and left with unpaid bills.


When that happens, put an attorney on your side that can help you fight for your rights.


Quality Representation You Can Afford

With our contingency fee arrangements, you can put proven, experienced and thorough representation behind your homeowner’s insurance bad faith claim. With a contingent fee contract, you only owe my office attorneys fees if we collect compensation on your behalf.


Call me today at 602-240-5525 or contact my office online to schedule an initial consultation.