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Individual disability insurance is popular among business owners and professionals. Unfortunately, disability insurers too often come up short of meeting their obligations.


If your individual disability claim has been denied, often the only recourse available to you is to pursue litigation. When you make the decision to hire a lawyer to help you pursue unreasonably delayed or denied claims, it is important to put experienced, thorough and reputable support on your side.


I am Richard Langerman, and for more than 25 years I have helped clients in and around Phoenix, Arizona, fight bad faith insurance practices.


An Authority on Insurance Bad Faith

I have built a career spanning more than a quarter century successfully helping people resolve conflicts with their insurance providers. During those two and a half decades I have:

  • Appeared as a friend of the court in the case where the Arizona Supreme Court defined what is required by the duty of good faith
  • Authored jury instructions used in all bad faith cases in Arizona
  • Chaired the insurance bad faith litigation group for the American Association of Justice
  • Lectured extensively to other attorneys on the topic of bad faith


When you have been unfairly denied a claim on an individual disability insurance policy, or if you insurer is acting in bad faith, my office can help you pursue your claim.


I keep a small caseload so that I can focus my resources, attention and ability on the clients I do take. It is a philosophy that has been successful for my clients and led to substantial judgments and settlements.


I Understand How Insurers Operate — Contact My Office

Contact my office online or by phone to set up a consultation if you have been a victim of bad faith action from your individual disability insurance company.