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Within seconds, a car accident can destroy people’s lives, wreaking havoc that can take months – if not a lifetime – to overcome. When car crashes are caused by some party’s negligent or careless actions, victims will likely have legal options for pursuing compensation for the damage, injuries and other losses they suffered from the wreck.

At the Law Office of Richard Langerman, we know how catastrophic accidents can be and how difficult it can be to pick up the pieces and recover from these collisions.

That is just one of the reasons why Attorney Richard Langerman has spent more than two decades fighting to help victims obtain compensation and justice.

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How to Report an Auto Accident in Arizona

Arizona laws require motorists to report any auto accident resulting injuries or deaths to law enforcement authorities. These laws do not, however, require drivers to report car crashes that only cause property damage.

Following an auto wreck, however, reporting the crash to the proper authorities (even if the car accident only causes property damage) is typically a good move for drivers because it can:

  • Result in an official accident report being developed for a given wreck
  • Be pivotal to documenting certain facts and/or evidence related to the crash
  • Strengthen future auto accident claims, making it more likely that victims will be able to recover the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

In Arizona, the two methods of reporting accidents to authorities generally include:

• Calling 911 after a crash to immediately report it – This is crucial after more serious crashes, as law enforcement officials and emergency responders can quickly respond and help victims. Calling 911 is important to making sure authorities investigate the accident. These investigations can yield key findings and evidence regarding fault.

• Reporting an auto crash hours or days later – When car accidents are reported in the hours or days following the incident, these wrecks can be reported to local police departments, sheriff departments or the Arizona Highway Patrol (depending on where the crash occurred). While these reports won’t necessarily trigger an accident investigation, they can still be important documenting important facts about the crash (for a future claim).

Regardless of how it is reported to authorities, the people involved in these crashes can request copies of the car accident reports (and copies of accident scene photos – if any were taken) from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Forms for making these requests are available here.

Arizona Auto Accident Statistics

The following are some of the latest Arizona car accident statistics (compiled by officials at the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT1):

  • More than 116,000 accidents were reported in Arizona in 2015.
  • Since 2010, there has been a sharp increase in the rate of accidents occurring in Arizona. In fact, over the past five years, auto crashes in Arizona have increased by nearly 9 percent.
  • Wrecks in Arizona are about 4 times more likely to take place in urban settings (as opposed to rural settings).
  • Nearly 900 people were killed in deadly car accidents in Arizona last year.
  • In addition to alcohol impairment, speeding is another leading factor contributing to deadly car crashes in Arizona.
  • More than 4 percent of all crashes in Arizona involve at least one motorist who is impaired by alcohol.
  • More than 36,000 people were hurt in Arizona auto accidents in 2015.
  • Rear-end collisions are the single most common type to occur in Arizona.
  • In terms of deadly collisions in Arizona, these are most likely to occur:
    • In the month of December
    • On Fridays
    • During the evening and early morning hours (when driver impairment and poor visibility tend to be more prevalent).

More Arizona statistics are available here.

How We Build Victims the Strongest Possible Cases

People who have been harmed can rely on our expert legal team for help protecting their rights and interests as they pursue financial recoveries for their crash-related losses.

Just some of the things that Attorney Richard Langerman can do for injured people include:

  • Carefully evaluating the details of the crash to help victims determine fault, as well as their best recovery options
  • Gathering all necessary evidence to prove fault and build the strongest possible auto accident claim
  • Aggressively representing accident victims and helping them deal with insurance companies
  • Fighting at every phase of the case to help victims maximize their recoveries.

We represent survivors of car crashes, as well as families who have lost a loved one to a deadly auto wreck.

While no sum of money can ever make up for catastrophic injuries or the tragic loss of a loved one, compensation from auto accident claims and cases can be essential to helping people financially support themselves during these challenging times. And that can let them focus on healing and overcoming the harm caused by a crash.

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1: These Arizona car accident statistics are for 2015, the most recent year for which complete and final data is currently available.