Before Holidays, Regulators Ban Together to Combat Risk of Harmful Toys

Before Holidays, Regulators Ban Together to Combat Risk of Harmful Toys

Before Holidays, Regulators Ban Together to Combat Risk of Harmful Toys

Before Holidays, Regulators Ban Together to Combat Risk of Harmful Toys

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, federal regulators in the U.S., Canada and Mexico are working together to enhance protections for children by identifying and seizing any dangerous or illegal toys entering North America.

Joining forces to realize this shared goal for the third consecutive year in a row, authorities from the U.S., Canada and Mexico recently met in Mexico City to hammer out the details of their vision and enforcement efforts.

Just some of the specific tasks they pinpointed as being essential to their goals include:

  • Consistently enforcing strong safety standards for children’s toys and products
  • Emphasizing quality and safety standards for overseas toymakers
  • Conducting thorough inspections of imported toys
  • Enhancing consumer outreach and education efforts, so parents are alert to the signs of dangerous and illegal toys
  • Coordinating recall efforts when dangerous or illegal toys end up making their way into the U.S., Mexico and/or Canada.

Commenting on these shared goals, Elliot F. Kaye, Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has explained:

As we approach the holiday season, our three jurisdictions are working as one to protect children in all three nations from harmful toys…Despite our real advances in toy safety, we are still finding too many violative toys at our borders. All consumers, regardless of which of our three nations they come from, deserve us working together to protect them. This is why working toward seamless surveillance across North American borders is a critical part of our collaboration with Health Canada and PROFECO.

CPSC Holiday Safety Tips for Parents

In announcing the above efforts to protect children, CPSC officials also noted that, even when children’s products may not be illegal or inherently dangerous, they can still present dangers to children, especially small children.

So, to minimize the risks your children may face this Christmas, here are some tips from the CSPC:

  • If you have children younger than 3 years old, avoid giving them gifts with small parts, balloons and high-powered magnets. Any of these could be swallowed and could cause serious harm to younger kids.
  • If you have younger and older children at home, make sure that younger children only play with age-appropriate toys.
  • If you will be giving children riding toys, be sure to also give them safety gear like helmets, elbow pads and knee pads.

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