Deadly Traffic Accidents in Arizona Cost $1.05 Billion Annually, Notes the CDC

Deadly Traffic Accidents in Arizona Cost $1.05 Billion Annually, Notes the CDC

Deadly Traffic Accidents in AZ Cost $1.05B Annually

Deadly Traffic Accidents in AZ Cost $1.05B Annually

More than 850 lives were taken in fatal traffic crashes in Arizona in 2013, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). While these deaths have likely had profound impacts on victims’ families, they have also had a substantial impact on Arizona’s economy.

That’s because, as the CDC reports, fatal traffic accidents in Arizona cost the state about $1.05 billion every year (in terms of medical costs and lost productivity/work).

Examining the Total: Costs by Type of Accident

For just over half of the fatal traffic crashes in Arizona1 for the period studied, the type of collision was reported as “unspecified or other.” In terms of costs, these other and unspecified crashes in Arizona cost about $532 million.

For crashes with a specified type, their relative costs were as follows.

Type of Fatal Collision Costs

(% of $1.05B total)

Motor Vehicle Accidents $86 million


Motorcycle Accidents $159 million


Pedestrian Accidents $240 million


Bicycle Accidents $34 million


Preventing Fatal Traffic Crashes: The CDC’s Recommendations for Arizona

While any fatal traffic crash is a tragedy, there may be some good news. And that’s the fact that many deadly traffic accidents could be prevented in the future if the right actions are taken now, according to the CDC.

Some of the CDC’s policy recommendations that that they contend could be effective at preventing fatal crashes include:

  • Instituting and strictly enforcing primary seatbelt laws – Seatbelt use can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by up to 45 percent.2
  • Developing and implementing a graduated driver  licensing program that would restrict motorists who are 16 and 17 years old in certain ways – Given that the costs of deadly accidents associated with young adults is roughly $429 million (comprising about 41 percent of the $1.05 billion total), this program could go a long way to reducing these fatal crashes and their costs.
  • Instituting stricter child passenger seat policies, requiring safety or booster seats for children through the age of 8.

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1: For specified period of years analyzed, consult CDC research footnotes at the bottom of this page.
2: According to the NHTSA

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