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Every automobile is a complex system of numerous components that must work in concert. Even a simple component failure at the wrong time can lead to a catastrophic event.


I am Arizona car defect attorney Richard Langerman. My Phoenix, Arizona office has been working with clients who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents for more than 25 years. As a skilled Phoenix auto defect attorney, I can put experience and a proven record of success to work for you. There are countless possible defects in an automobile that can lead to serious injury, including the following:

  • A defect in the design of a seat can cause additional injury in a car crash.
  • A faulty fuel system can lead to an otherwise avoidable fire.
  • A defective tire can rupture leading to a vehicle rollover.
  • The failure of a restraint system can enhance injuries.
  • A failure of a crucial safety system can turn an otherwise ordinary accident into a fatal accident.


If you or a family member has suffered otherwise avoidable injuries in an accident due to an automobile defect, you may have a viable enhanced injury claim against the maker of the automobile. Talk to me, a Phoenix auto defect attorney about your options.


Arizona Car Defect Lawyer for Enhanced Injuries

I am a Phoenix auto defect attorney who has represented injured people in a wide range of product liability cases and recovered substantial judgments and settlements for clients.


My office has the experience, resources and knowledge to fully evaluate your accident and make sure that all the factors involved are understood. I will work with you to recover personal injury or wrongful death compensation to pay for expenses and damages now and in the future.


Medical expenses, long-term care needs and lost wages can leave individuals and families in financial turmoil. If an automobile defect has caused enhanced injuries, I can represent you in litigation to recover full and fair compensation.


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